We are the Missionary Daughters of St. Monica. We are a community of religious Sisters that dedicate our lives to prayers, community life and education of the young. Seeing the importance of quality education, we 
view it as being very necessary to create an environment of studies that would serve the needs of the day. We offer high standard of education embedded in Catholic morality. 

The situation in the world today calls for urgent re-introduction of solid Christian education and intensive 

formation on moral and spiritual values at homes and in schools. We adults and Christian leaders have somehow failed to fully shoulder our responsibility in the area of providing the young people with adequate formations on Christian and moral values.    

Intensive Christian education is the only way to salvage our society from the troubles that have befallen it. If we continue to neglect our duties and responsibilities towards intensive Christian education of young people because we don’t want some inconveniences or because we have concluded that the young people of present time are difficult to confront or control, we would definitely be caught up in the social consequences resulting from such negligence. The indisputable fact is that when the young people are not provided with the formations that would prepare them to meet the future challenges of life, they would definitely return to us in form of monsters, not to ask for education or formations any longer but, to violently snatch away things that belong to us, including lives and things that go with it. 

Bearing this fact in mind, we give all we can to remedy a situation which is already very sour. We place our trust in God and the Mother of God, and we wholly depend on the intercession of St. Monica, our patron saint, who through persistent prayers, ardent sacrifice and heroic patience, obtained the favor of God in form of miraculous conversion of her son, St. Augustine. Hence our name, Missionary Daughters of St. Monica.

Presently, we run a nursery and primary school. Our utmost desire and goal is to bring these little angels up in the fear and love of God and love and service to humanity.