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About Us

We are an organization that helps communities, groups, churches, cooperatives and organizations to raise funds for their major and minor projects. Many times, communities, groups, churches, cooperatives and organizations come up with good projects and initiatives that could impact the lives of the people positively, but do not have funds to embark on the project or they get stuck midway an ongoing project for lack of funds to complete the project. If you are about to initiate a project or you have an ongoing project that requires funds to be brought to completion, we can assist you to raise the funds you need.

Since 2004, we have helped churches, entities and organizations to raise funds for their various projects. Our well experienced fundraising experts will tailor fundraising plans that will bring the funds you need for your project at the appropriate time. Click here to tell us about your project.

Presently, we don't raise funds for individual or personal projects. We don't raise funds for parties, weddings, anniversary celebrations and funerals.