We run a Catholic nursery and primary school and a day care center. As the pandemic struck and lockdown was imposed, many disadvantaged people are suffering hunger. Since the schools are closed, seeing how much people are suffering, we decided to start a small bakery to make bread and share to the very poor people, including many little children. The Rosary City Fatima supported us with some funds which we added to what we have and was able to purchase the oven, a manual miller, baking pans and the ingredients for making bread. Our first outing to give some bread to the hungry was on Saturday, 20th of June, the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We shared out the bread we had to the people in need of them. The bread we had was not enough because there were so many people that needed some bread. 

We hope to increase on the number of bread we give out at this time. We have the desire to operate a food bank so we can offer more nutritious food like milk, beans and other food items.

We desire to continue but we need some support. Please, do help us if you can.

You can click on the donate button on the top right side of this page to make some donation to support our
work. We do appreciate your support. God bless!      

Let's Give Bread to the Hungry